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PSB Retail Portal Overview Training Video

PSB Retail Portal Placing An Order Training Video

Getting Started With The Pine State Beverage Retailer Portal

We will create a user profile for you to sign into the Retailer Portal. Your email address will be your username. You will receive a welcome email with your login credentials. If you would like multiple users to have access please contact customer service at (800) 452-4633.

You can use a smartphone, tablet, or PC to access the Retailer Portal. The screen and buttons may look different based on what device you are using.

Signing Into Retailer Portal

Visit and select Retailer Portal in the top right corner. Then select the Button under the Retailer Portal logo. Sign in using your email address and password from the welcome email.

Overview Of The Retailer Portal Home Page

From the home page, you can view:
• Place Orders & Check Order Status
• Search For Product
• Quickly Reorder From Past Orders
• See Your Delivery Schedule
• View Account Balance & Past Invoices

Placing An Order or Viewing Past Orders

To start an order, do one of the following:
• Select Create Order.
• Select Recent Orders to create a new order based on a previous order.
• You can reorder the entire order or specific products.

Use the following options to find the product you want to order:
• Enter all or part of the product name or product ID in the Search Bar.
• Sort the products by description, order date, or product ID.
• Filter the products by when the products were last ordered.
• View if a product is on promotion and select the icon to view details.

Select the Shopping Cart in the upper right corner to:
• Revise the order quantities.
• View warnings and messages about your order.
• Start over by emptying your cart
• View an order summary
• Add a purchase order number or comments to the order (if available).
• Place the order.

When you place the order, you receive an email confirmation. Once the order has been processed it will appear in the Recent Orders section of the home page. If an order has not been invoiced, you can modify or cancel the order. Modifying the order cancels the original order and creates a new order.

Reviewing Your Account Balance

Your account balance is displayed on the home page. Select Account Balance to see the following:
• Select Totals to view the amount you owe.
• Select Invoices to view the open invoices.
• On the Invoices tab, you can select the Page Icon to view a PDF of the invoice or the Invoice Number.
• If you would like to duplicate an order you can select the Reorder button from the invoice number.

VIP Frequently Asked Questions for Retailer Portal

Adding products to an order

I order the same products every time. Is there an easy way to reorder?

  • Yes! Go to Recent Orders and select the order with the products you want to order. Click Reorder to order all of the products or click Reorder Item to order a specific product.

We have old product that needs to be picked up. How do I enter a request for this?

  • Some distributors allow you to enter a comment with your order. If this option is available, go to the Shopping Cart and enter your pick-up request in the Comments box. If the Comments box is not available, contact your sales rep to request a pick-up.

How can I see more information about a product?

  • On the order entry screen, click the product name or image to view product images, stories, styles, and additional information like ABV, IBU, SRM, etc.

Why are images and additional information missing for some products?

The catalog of product images and additional information used by Retailer Portal is continually updated as products are added or revised. If you do not see an image, know that we are working to provide this information to you.

Working with existing orders

Can I start an order and come back to it later?

  • Yes! An order is saved in the browser cache on your device and is available in the Shopping Cart until you submit the order. Note that you cannot access the Shopping Cart created on one device from a different device.

When are final quantities and pricing for the order determined?

  • The quantities and pricing included in the Shopping Cart and in the email confirmation you receive when you place an order are estimates. Final quantities and pricing are determined when the distributor processes the orders and prepares the invoices for delivery.

I submitted an order, but I don’t see it on the screen. How do I view orders that I have submitted?

  • When you click Place Order, the order is submitted to your distributor, and you receive an email confirming the order. After the distributor has reviewed and processed the order, your order appears under Recent Orders.

Can I edit an order that I’ve already submitted?

  • Some distributors allow you to modify orders that have not been invoiced. If this option is available, go to Recent Orders and select the open or pending order you would like to revise and click Modify Order. Review the warning message that appears and click Continue. Revise the order as desired. When you place the order, you receive emails confirming that the previous order was canceled and a new order has been placed.

Can I delete an order that I’ve already submitted?

  • Some distributors allow you to cancel orders that have not been invoiced. If this option is available, go to Recent Orders, select the open or pending order you would like to cancel, and click Cancel Order. Review the warning message that appears and click Continue. You will receive an email confirming that the order was canceled.

Can I view a copy of the actual invoice?

  • Some distributors store a PDF image of invoices on their system and allow you to view the PDF. If this option is available, you can view the PDF image in two places. Go to Order History (where you can view 13 months of orders) or Recent Orders (where you can view the last 5 orders) and select an invoice. Click the page icon (Download PDF) in the invoice heading. Go to Account Balance and click the INVOICES tab. Click the page icon (Download PDF) to the left of the invoice number.

Changing your order preferences

Can I change the scheduled delivery day?

  • Your scheduled delivery days is displayed under Account Information on the home page. To request a change to your scheduled delivery days, contact your sales rep.